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Hospitality with Karis

Hospitality with Karis

I felt honored when Letícia asked me to be a guest contributor for her blog. I am so passionate about the Hospitality Industry and I love connecting with others who have the same passion, Letícia and I share this passion.

A little about me, my name is Karis Khouri, I’m 29 years old and I live in Orlando, FL. I’ve worked in the Hospitality Industry for over 10 and a half years. I started as a lifeguard when I was 18 years old at the JW Marriott, Orlando Grande Lakes and was hooked from day one. 


I’ve held various position and have been through 8 promotions throughout my (almost) 11 with the Marriott company. It wasn’t always a walk in the park, especially because I was going to school and working full-time. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management from the University of Central Florida (go knights!). And during this time I worked as a Front Desk Agent. Soon after I went back to school to receive my Master’s Degree in Business, while working in Group Accounts/Accounting for the JW Marriott and Ritz-Carlton.  Currently, I work as a Group Sales Manager within the Florida Group Sales Organization for Marriott International.

I realized a few months ago how big of an impact social media has on people, and how I could use this platform as a way of educating people about the Hospitality Industry. I started to share my personal experiences at hotels and restaurants on Instagram, and to my surprise I would get direct messages from people almost every day. They’d ask me general questions about the industry and/or questions directly related to what I had just posted. My passion for helping others was ignited and I felt so fulfilled! It was a feeling of ‘wow, this person from across the world is asking ME for advice’. And from that moment I was motivated to keep going and make this something much bigger than just answering people’s questions on Instagram. 

Through all this I had an amazing mentor/coach, Isabella Silverio. She is a business consultant and Instagram guru, and she truly turned, not only my business, but my mindset around completely. I owe a lot to her and I realized through her guidance how important it was to have a mentor in your life. 

Because of the mentorship I received, I wanted to do the same for Hospitality Enthusiasts so I started a Hospitality Mentorship Program. This program is 4 weeks and starts with finding out my students passions, then we go into what jobs they qualify for/what path they should take. After we figure these two things out, the next few weeks we dive deep into their resumes and then do mock interviews. Interviews can be extremely intimidating and the only way to overcome that feeling is by being prepared and feeling confident. So mock interviews are very important. 


I just recently launched a resume writing course for Hospitality Enthusiasts that want to build or re-vamp their resume into an eye catching and captivating document. This course has in-depth tips/advice, advice from Directors in the Industry and resume examples/templates. Once you pay for this course you have access to the material for lifetime so it’s extremely beneficial, even for people who may not be looking for a job right at this moment.

Starting in 2019, I’ll be launching an interview preparation course- more to come! I love connecting with people, so if you want to chat or have any questions on my program/course please email me at hospitalitywithkaris@gmail.com, join my facebook group - Hospitality Management and Mentorship with Karis, or find me on Instagram - @hospitalitywithkaris.

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Voyage Program: a great way to start your career in hospitality!

Voyage Program: a great way to start your career in hospitality!