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Travel Essentials: Pocket Palette

Travel Essentials: Pocket Palette

Have you ever thought... what if there was a make-up kit, with the essential products I need, that would fit in my purse, not adding extra weight (because we all carry our lives in our bags)? I typed all of this in google and I found what I thought did not exist: POCKET PALETTE!


Back in 2013, Lynda T. Correa Peralta, the founder of Pocket Palette, went on a day trip. She did not want to carry her bulky makeup bag around and ended up squeezing some makeup into a sandwich bag, so that she could do her makeup on the train and then throw it away. Then, a few years later, she overheard some girls talking about how they hated having to carry their makeup to school, and because it was really gross putting personal makeup bag on the bathroom counter. The idea then clicked and Lynda asked them if they would use a multi-compartment sandwich bag that already had makeup in it, so they could do their makeup and throw it away after. Two of them stared at Lynda, and said, "where can I buy that?"

I was probably as excited as this girl when I saw Pocket Palette was a real product, founded and brought to the market (through an awesome Kickstarter campaign) by a female entrepreneur. 

In May 2018, Lynda received her first shipment of Pocket Palette (768 pounds of it) and is making that sandwich bag dream a reality. 

Pocket Palette is a full-face makeup palette with a single serving of 3 makeup products:


Pocket Palette has three key products in every pouch:

  • Black Mascara (with wand)
  • Pink dual purpose lip/cheek color
  • BB Cream or Foundation in 4 shades - Light, Medium, Tan and Dark

I had the chance of trying out Pocket Palette during a trip to Las Vegas, with 16 girlfriends, for a bachelorette party. I added Pocket Palette to the "Bachelorette Party Survival Kit" and it was a hit! Here are some pictures of the kit I put together.


If you are putting together "Emergency Kits" for bachelorette parties, here is what I recommend:

  • Pocket palette. You can buy it here. Add the code 20VITAE to checkout, so that you get 20% off your order.
  • Face masks, for a fun spa time with your girlfriends
  • Anything that cures a hangover!
  • Evian spray (for the pool parties!)
  • Headache medicine, just in case!
  • Flasks....why not?
  • Some fun decoration - I added the bride-to-be sign to the Bride's kit
  • And last but not least...a cute makeup bag. I got this leather one with cute hearts from Mark and Graham

The coolest thing about adding the Pocket Palette to the kit was to see how crazy the girls went about it - they loved it! Pocket Palette is now a staple in my bag - it goes to the gym with me, to the party and to any trips I have... gets yours soon, and give your girlfriends some too!!

Lynda T. Correa Peralta - Pocket Palette's Founder

Lynda T. Correa Peralta is an inventor, storyteller, and entrepreneur. Before her MBA at GW, her management experience included managing a team of 30+ direct reports, driving sales in a multimillion-dollar retail store and establishing operations for a startup elementary school. Once in school, Lynda started with an intention to concentrate in marketing, but after three pro-bono consulting projects in three countries, she ended up with a concentration in consulting. Lynda’s real passion lies in empowering people to do their best work, which is no wonder why she considers herself a general management professional turned beauty entrepreneur. Lynda’s years of experience as a busy woman on the go, managing people, operations, and expectations have led her to create a beauty tool that is perfect for busy women. In 2017, she created The Pocket Palette, a single-use, full face beauty kit, made for the women on the go and has since been invited to speak on panels and as a keynote speaker to share her entrepreneurial journey. 

Aside from business, Lynda enjoys creative writing, even earning a spot in the highly selective Voices of our Nations Arts Foundation workshop in 2018. Her beloved alma maters, the University of Southern California & George Washington University, have her heart and part of her wallet, but she’s proud to be part of both alumni families

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