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Getting your dream job post-MBA

Getting your dream job post-MBA

The first acronym they teach you when you start your MBA is FOMO: Fear of Missing Out.

In the first weeks of school you meet incredible people, you are invited to different events, and you start getting used to classes (plus, you realized how difficult Finance is) … it is overwhelming! After two to three months you are recruiting for summer, and suddenly you realize time management is critical.

One of my biggest advice for MBA students is: you can’t do it all, so choose wisely. My choices were to dedicate myself to my classes, spend quality time with my boyfriend (we met at Business School), be a good Social Chair for my Section (J!), be a good LATAM Co-President, and find my dream job. I know... a lot of things! FOMO was on an upward trajectory, and although I was missing some things happening throughout campus, I knew it would pay off in the end. When FOMO hits its peak, you need another F word…FOCUS! One of my biggest goals, while I was in my MBA, was to find a job in the Hospitality industry, so I knew I had to put a plan in place.

If you feel you are on the same boat, keep reading. I know the story repeats itself! And if you are applying for a job in an industry that traditionally does not recruit MBA students, then I think I can help you. 

To help me focus on my industry of choice and dream job, I did a couple of things:

First, I took advantage of one of the best things business school offers to its students: career coaches. My career coach was incredible – her name is Judy - and the most helpful thing was that she had a lot of experience coaching international students. Through our coaching sessions, I felt more confident in my career choice. 

Secondly, I started networking. Through my career coaching sessions, I understood how important networking really is, especially if you are looking into applying to companies that traditionally do not recruit MBA students. One of the best advice I got from Judy was to: 1. identify the companies you want to work for; 2. check the alumni contact page of your MBA program; 3. reach out to to the alumni contacts requesting an informational call. Through these calls, many doors opened for me!

Last but not least, another thing that helped me during my job search was to join a student club. I joined the Travel & Hospitality Club, and I got to attend many events, “treks” (short trips, such as the Restaurant Trek in New York), and meet people with similar interests, speakers and other alumni.

With time, it became clear that it would be very hard to do the three things below at the same time:

  • Change industry
  • Change function 
  • Change countries

But what I learned during my life (thanks to my family) is that nothing is impossible… I was confident I was ready for any challenge coming my way. By focusing on the advice of my career coach and by being disciplined and focused I managed to:

  • Change industry (Consumer Packaged Goods to Hospitality)
  • Change function (Marketing to Hotel Operations)
  • Change countries (Brazil to the USA)

And I did all of that while still attending classes (and Finance wasn’t getting any easier), traveling to many countries, and dating my awesome boyfriend, who helped me so much along the way. After two years, I can say I made the right choice – hospitality is my passion!

I was able to do it all, and I truly believe you can do the same! Don’t forget, in the midst of FOMO chaos, find your focus.

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